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Bible From Science Viewpoint

Bible has always been greatly discussed by scientists, saints and ordinary people. The major topic of scholars', saints' and journalists' confrontation still remains whether Bible is a myth, imposed on people or a true history based on real events. The opinion of society also varies greatly. Contemporary people still doubt concerning the authenticity of the great epic Bible. According to the statistical data given by pollster George Gallup then in 1963, about two thirds of Americans believed that Bible is really the Word of God. Unfortunately, in the year of 1999 only one third of Americans believed this. People of other countries of the world, however, are more disposed to believing that Bible was a true history.

There is website on the Internet. However, this website is not enough to strengthen people's faith and divinity of holy epic Bible. Much more will be needed to be done, read So, let's think over the reason of such a quickly increasing disbelief for a minute. The first thing coming to mind is numerous scientific inventions and discoveries making people doubt the Word of God. Think, for instance, about the first and the greatest confrontation between Darwin's theory of evolution and Biblical story of people's origin. It turned out that many people really believed Darwin's theory.

Certainly, the Darwin's theory burst into flames the discussion of the authenticity of Bible not only among intellectuals of European universities but also ordinary people of many countries. As it was concluded Bible has not been written by reputed authors and it's just a collection of historical myths and stories characters of which are just fiction. The fact that even contemporary mass media and most of the scientific community continues to accept this viewpoint is really disappointing. Richard Dawkins is a zoology professor in Oxford University and according to his writings, the Genesis story is just the one that was adopted by one certain tribe of Middle Eastern herders. He says that this story has no more special status and is considered to be the belief of some West African tribe. People belonging to this tribe think that the world was created from the excrement of ants (The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design, 1986, p. 316).

Fortunately, the times are changing and many scientific facts are gaining new spectrum as well. In mid 1800s archaeologists scratched biblical lands and discovered a lot of facts proving the authenticity of the holy Epic Bible. Robinson is considered to be the first person who dared to reveal biblical facts from the viewpoint of science. Some time later, German, English and French excavators supported this opinion as well. The results were really shocking. Such big cities as Assyrian and Babylonian empires which are often mentioned in the Bible really existed and this has been recently proved.