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What Exactly Does a Life Coach Degree Promise for Your Successful Career?

Lots of people are getting life coaching degree each year. Is the life coaching really such a promising trend in the person-oriented psychiatry of our century?

The various degree programs offering the professional specialization in different areas of the psychology science, both applied and academic ones, are quite numerous and can be counted in hundreds. Each year there are millions of students in the country and, in general, world-wide, who opt for enrollment into one of those psychology degree programs. Probably, it is happening even at this very moment. It takes, of course, some special talents and personal features in order to be successful in spending several years on mastering the basic principles of psychological wisdom. Generally speaking, the psychology, per se, deals with such things as the corner-stone structures and principles of the human mind and personality, the ways the human psyche reacts to outside stimuli or, on the other hand, how it processes feelings and events. Another interesting field of traditional psychology is dividing people into different types of personalities. Surely you have noticed it many times, through your own personal experience, that not all people actually fit into the framework of a set standard. The human psyche typology is one of the interesting areas of applied psychology, but just one of the many others.

Notwithstanding the attractions of traditional areas of psychology, there is a rather newish trend among psychology-related professional specializations, which has come to be known as Life Coaching. The popularity of life coach degree programs is actually starting to sweep across the globe, believe it or not! According to the experts, the roots of this newest development in applied psychology should be searched for among the good old executive coaching specialization, well-known for several decades and well-respected for its efficiency. The principles of basic executive coaching have been expanded and applied to a much wider range of instances and purposes, making it possible to create a professional specialization dealing with improvement of life-performance quality of any person in any field of activities, either business, professional or strictly intimate ones. In the simplest terms, the responsibility of a life coach is to help you realize, schedule, and achieve your personal goals in the most efficient and time-saving way! As simple as that!

The natural question anyone would pose is something like this: Why is a life coach needed for such a simple task? Probably, any person, with enough determination and persistence can achieve such goals independently, saving lots of time and money. This is a quite natural question, and the answer to it is, alas, quite negative in 99% of cases. And we will try to illustrate for you why it happens exactly so.

In the first place, you should take into consideration the employment conditions of any up and coming professional. In the modern business environments the normal work loads are outright exhausting. Also you should add to the pictures the common and inevitable stress of everyday life, miscellaneous commitments and responsibilities imposed by families, relatives, and friends - well, you name it. No life energy or determination is left for self-improvement; the quality of performance in all aspects will suffer inevitably.

This is exactly the moment when a professional person with life coaching degree enters the stage! This is exactly a situation when an experienced and talented life coach can be of tremendous assistance. And it should be realized that the approach, implemented by life coaches, is quite different from the traditional methods used by psychologists, sociologists, and other degree holders. A life coach looks at the problem from another angle, the angle, which allows getting to the answer from within the person, not from the outside. Hence the high efficiency of life coaching sessions and the growing popularity of this new development in applied psychology.

In case the above-described activities sound attractive to you and you feel like giving a chance to taking up a life coach degree program you should be aware of one requirement to be followed. Any good quality coaching degree program, which is worth your attention, to say nothing about spending time and money on it, should be accredited with the corresponding authorities of the pertinent industry. For the moment there are four such authorities: the International Coaching Council (ICC), the International Coach Federation (ICF), the International Association of Coaching (IAC), and the European Coaching Institute (ECI). These accreditation bodies have won wide international recognition; they are independent and act as the monitoring supervisory boards for all reputable life coach degree programs in the country and beyond. Besides, it should be mentioned that all of them are privately-owned.

Despite certain differences, advocated in the approaches to life coaching goals, methods and techniques, all of these agencies maintain the same industry standard, which, consequently, is based on the same core values, the principle ones of which are as follows: client's mentoring, modification of the client's behavior, and improved goal-setting.

The range of approaches, employed by life coaching specialists, is very wide and diverse. It can be easily incorporated into the very fabric of the most common aspects of our daily lives. The complexity of the coaching strategies may vary from something as simple as a plan for the supermarket and up to the very detailed and intricate 10-year plan for your future personal development, growth and professional career. It should be mentioned that life coaching has already acquired some substantial experience and there is a considerable number of successful persons in the world of business or/and art, which expressly support the positive effects that life coaching has offered them and has actually introduced into their lives and careers.

Any prospective life coaching professional should begin its introduction to life coaching doctrine from the realization of the most fundamental difference between the traditional psycho-analytical professional approach and that of the life coaching. The psycho-analytical approach deals with the past of a person in question; it tries in this way to reveal the reasons of why we are who we are. On the contrary to this approach, the life coaching specialist concentrates on the future of his (her) clients: the whole idea is to help them to realize what kind of personalities they want to be transformed into and how this transformation could be achieved in the most efficient, stress free and time saving way!

The main plan of most life coaches is to ask their clients questions and teach them how to find the answer from within themselves. The majority of coaches believe that the persons they mentor have the tools to achieve their individual goals, but are focusing too much energy in the wrong places.

In order to make this idea more understandable let us make an explanatory illustration. Just sit back, relax. Close your eyes and try to see a mental picture inside your mind: you progress along the trajectory of your life is something like speeding a car along a highway. In this case you are the speeding automobile, and the life coach will be your steering wheel. You are in perfect control of the speed - how fast or slow you go - but your personal life coach makes it possible to make the right turn at the right moment, helping your to select the best direction. Hopefully, the illustration makes the whole idea clearer. Now, let us develop this illustration a bit further. Your career, your family, your goals, your successes, and your failures - all of them are the motor-road ahead of you. Naturally, in order to reach the final destination, you have to overcome the climbs, hills, bumps and sharp turns. And surely the roads have a tendency to fork, presenting you with the necessity to make the choice of directions - which one to choose, which direction to go? Your personal mentor, a professional life coach, in this case, acts as a good advisor in the passenger seat. The decision is yours to make, but it should be wise and balanced, and the good understanding of what a future has in stock for you will be always of good use! And that is, again, when a professional life coach enters the stage, giving your a helping hand!